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Unfortunately, as the majority of public places have closed down, many people have lost their jobs. Hopefully, you are one of those who have been able to keep your job with the option of working at home. In fact, some companies have begun to offer their employees the option of working from home indefinitely. You may consider, though, some potentially “hidden” costs that often come from working at home.

  1. Increased use of utilities. There is a certain amount of “overhead” expense that many office or other work areas take into account from having people working from a common location. Now that you (and your family) are spending more time at home, you’ll likely see an increase in the cost of utilities.
  2. More wear and tear on finishes. Scratched and dented walls, worn carpeting, manhandled cabinets – these are all possible with the increased activity in your home.
  3. The physical effect. Proper ergonomics are often hard to practice in a home workstation. Over time, this can harm your body.
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