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As winter becomes a distant memory, and summertime is knocking at our door, it’s now time for one of the best seasons of the year – grilling season! Whether you’re an award-winning grillmaster, or you just recently invested in your very first grill – we’ve got two tips that will not only improve your overall grilling experience but will also keep you and your home safe and sound.

  1. Location is important! To avoid damage from radiant heat and smoke, and to make sure carbon monoxide is dealt with safely, keep your grill in an open and well-ventilated area while you’re using it. If you store it in an enclosed area, wait until it’s fully cooled before putting it away.
  2. Keep it in good condition! For charcoal grills, this primarily means regular cleaning, but if you have a propane grill, you should also make sure all connections are tight, and hoses do not have leaks or cracks.
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