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Last month, we talked about some of the great features available from modern thermostats. However, investing in a modern thermostat is not the only thing that a wise homeowner will do to protect their property from the harsh conditions of a cold winter.

For example, consider the various sources of water around the outside of your home. Standing water in a puddle will likely freeze, becoming a slip and fall hazard. If your pool isn’t already drained and covered, you could be in for a world of trouble as it gets colder. Sprinkler systems can jam up and burst, external water faucets can get damaged. Unsealed wood and masonry can lock in moisture, causing warping and other damage as the moisture freezes.

If you own lawn care equipment, a grill, or patio furniture, it would be good to store it away, or at least cover it. Not only will this make snow removal more simple, but your expensive possessions will be protected, as well.

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